What is a Tropical Spa Body Wrap?

The Tropical Spa Body Wrap is a scientifically balanced combination of herbs and minerals designed to work with Trim N Shape for maximum inch loss.

The Tropical Spa Body Wrap uses natural ingredients such as need tree oil to draw out toxins from the body. Other ingredients break down the fat and tighten the skin. The formula includes the following 15 herbs and minerals enhanced with sea vegetation.

Aloe Vera, Sea Kelp, Oregon Grape Root, Cleavers, Comfrey, Eucalyptus, Irish Moss, Chamomile, Papaya, Chickweed, Saffron Root, Parsley, Bladderwrack, Japanese Green Tea and Neem Tree Oil.

It was noted that indigenous inhabitants in ancient health practices, historically, used the same herbs, for therapeutic purposes. Body wraps have been proved to work effectively through hydrostatic weight testing.

Q. How does the Tropical Spa Body Wrap work?

A. The Body Wrap works by shrinking the size of your fat cells. Dry skin brushing opens the pores of the skin. Then herbal extracts, minerals and amino nutrients are applied warm to your open pores to draw out toxins from soft tissue layers. This aids the body in breaking down fat. Pressure wraps compact the detoxified cells that are left, helping shrink the tissues further.

The herbal nutrients penetrate the cell walls and cause the lipids (fat) inside our cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process from the body.

The aloe in the formula penetrates the adipose layer, breaking down hardened toxic tissue (cellulite) on contract. The results are inch loss, detoxification and firmer skin.

Q. How long does the inch loss last?

A. As long as you maintain or lose weight, the lost inches will not return for at least thirty days. With the re-toxification of the tissue, these inches will gradually return over the next six to eight months, depending on your diet. It is best to stay away from carbonated drinks for maximum effect. (They swell the tissue cells.)

Q. Is this a safe alternative to obesity surgery or liposuction?

A. Yes. And it costs you much less. However, itís impossible to reduce the NUMBER of fat cells in your body without surgery. Instead, this safe alternative reduces the SIZE of your fat cells. You get the same effect as surgery (unwanted inches) in a much safer way. You donít risk the potentially dangerous complications of surgery.

Q. Arenít Tropical Spa Body Wraps just like all the other wraps on the market?

A. No. Other wraps do not contain neem tree oil. Neem tree oil has very impressive therapeutic qualities such as: antiviral, antibacterial, anti-tumor, anti-microbial, anti-pyretic, analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, as well as being an immune stimulant. Neem oil quickly relieves dry skin by easily absorbing into the upper layers of your skin where it heals damaged skin and enables it to recover its natural balance. These properties enable need to reduce wrinkles by helping skin retain its suppleness as collagen formation is promoted. Many people believe neem even heals damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and prevents premature aging and skin cancer. Neem oil is used as an anti-microbial agent directly on cuts, scrapes or serious skin conditions. The concentrated essential fatty acids help to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin while it disinfects and heals. Neem tree oil is also helpful for conditions affecting circulation such as diabetes. Circulation problems are a frequent cause of amputations for diabetics. Neem leaf extracts cause the blood vessels to dilate, allowing for increased circulation to the extremities, which in turn reduces the dimpling of cellulite.

Q. Does this involve dieting?

A. No dieting is required for inch-loss. However, it works well with a diet because losing fat releases toxins. Also, losing weight results in loose skin, which the Tropical Spa Body Wrap will help tighten.

Q. How many inches will I lose?

A. It depends upon your fat to lean mass ratio as well as the amount of loose skin you have. Most clients average a 4 to 10 inch loss the first and again the second wrap, and about half as much the following wraps. Many clients have body wraps for skin tightening and cellulite reduction while others seek the therapeutic benefits of detoxification.

Q. Are there any other uses for the Tropical Spa Body Wrap besides weight management and detoxification?

A. Yes. There are several other therapeutic uses: Tropical Spa Body Wrap is used for injuries, sprains, strains, arthritis and skin conditions.

Q. How do I prepare for the Tropical Spa Body Wrap?

  • A long hot shower will help open your pores. Do not apply any cream or lotions for six hours before or after wraps.

  • Wear a sauna suit over damp wraps. Your skin needs to stay warm so your pores stay open.

  • In order to maximize the coverage of your wrap, we suggest you wrap yourself nude from your own home or wear thin, cotton undergarments or a skimpy swimsuit to be wrapped in.

Q. How long does a Tropical Spa Body Wrap take?

A. A body wrap session takes 1 hour. Allow an extra 20 minutes in your session for measuring set points using our charts. You may want to do a facial and relax with music while the wrap works its magic.

Q. How often can I do a Tropical Spa Body wrap?

A. The body wrap is a safe and effective process and you may do it as often as you wish. You will continue losing inches for 72 hours after the wrap. For maximum inch loss, a series of wraps at least 3 days apart can be applied until you reach your maximum inch loss. Before and After Weight Loss Clinics have a product, Trim N Shape, that has some of the same ingredients in capsule form to take internally. Combining the two will greatly increase the inches lost!

Q. What should I do after the Body Wrap?

It takes about 10 days for the skin to fully adapt to the tissue reduction. You can assist this process to produce maximum results by:

  1. Avoid toxic food and drink, such as salt, sugar, fried foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol for several days after your wrap.

  2. Drink 8 Ė 10 glasses of water per day to continue the detoxifying process through the bodies natural elimination system. Flushing your system this way will even help you to lose weight.

  3. Do not apply lotions, oils or creams to the wrapped areas and do not take a bath or swim for at least 5 hours after your wrap. Then bathe in lukewarm water when needed.

  4. Dry brush your skin the next day and apply the slimming gel called Belly Jelly. Use it sparingly and often in between wraps.

Q. Will Tropical Spa Body Wraps help cellulite?

A. As you probably know, cellulite is waterlogged fatty tissue. It will greatly reduce the dimpling of the cellulite.

Q. If I donít have months before a special event, can I get wrapped several times in one week?

A. YES you can.  Many people only have a few weeks or even a few DAYS to get ready for a special event. You can wrap as often as you would like, and you will still receive the benefits of inch-loss as well as the tightening of skin.

If need be, you can wrap several times in a single day. This is a completely safe herbal/mineral solution because it is all-natural.

So donít feel that just because your reunion is only a month away you canít make a significant change in your appearance-because you can!

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