• Shrink your fat cells!

  • Rid your body of toxins!

  • Tighten and tone the look of your skin!

  • Lose 7 to 12 inches in your first wrap!

  • Use in conjunction with Trim N Shape for maximum loss of inches!

Take home kits available to use in
the privacy of your home!

What is a detoxifying body wrap?

The Tropical Spa Body Wrap is a scientifically balanced combination of herbs and minerals designed to penetrate the adipose layer, emulsifying fat. The results are inch loss, detoxification and firmer skin!

Our research showed an initial loss over all of 8 20 inches!

The Tropical Spa Body Wrap is designed to work with Trim N Shape for maximum inch loss. Each take home Tropical spa Body Wrap kit contains:

  • A packet of instructions on how to dry brush your skin and a body brush

  • A step by step instructions for doing the wraps (with pictures!)

  • A specially formulated herbal solution (Spruce Juice) containing neem tree oil

  • A slimming gel (Belly Jelly) to massage into cellulite or fat pockets

  • 10 elastic bandages you will need to cover your body

  • and a FREE GIFT for the first 50 people that order - a FREE vinyl sauna suit!

Save Money!! 
The cost for a Tropical Spa Body Wrap kit is $169 (for 8 wraps)
(The cost for one wrap in a spa is $89.00 - $189.00)

At a Belly Buster Party, all guests get a $20 discount for a  cost of $149!

To order online: go to www.tropicalspawraps.com