The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:

  • Rids the body of unsightly cellulite!

  • Increases the blood circulation!

  • Tightens and tones the skin!

  • Rejuvenates the nervous system!

  • Cleanses your pores!

  • Removes dead skin cells!

  • Stimulates your sweat glands!

  • Cleanses the body of impurities!

Skin brushing enhances proper functioning of the organs, allows the body to breathe and increases blood circulation to underlying tissues and organs while stimulating the release of waste material from the cells near the surface of the body. The wastes released are then carried away from the cells by the blood and lymph system, where most of the toxins find their way to the colon. Stimulating the circulation of the blood and removing the top layer of dead skin is essential for maintaining youthful, glowing skin. Loss of cellulite and excess weight is an added benefit.

What Causes Cellulite?

Fluid retention in the adipose tissue (fatty tissue) is one cause of the rippling effect of cellulite. Visible swelling of the thighs, hips and abdomen are caused by these retained fluids; and the toxins they contain, break down the elastin fibers and collagen that keep skin firm and smooth. As we go through the normal aging process, the elastin and collagen fibers begin to stiffen and lose their flexibility. Fat cells swollen with accumulated fluids and toxins can be due to excess estrogen and poor blood circulation. This contributes to the loss of firmness in our skin.

How To Use Your Body Brush

Brush directly on your skin when your skin is completely dry. If you have poison ivy, skin rashes, infections or inflammatory problems such as phlebitis, do not brush. Do not brush so hard that your skin turns red. A slight flush due to increased blood circulation is normal. Dry skin brush each area as directed below. Take a very hot bath or shower to open the pores of the skin. Massage at least one ounce of the “Belly Jelly” liberally on the areas prone to cellulite (not just your belly). Do a Tropical Spa Body Wrap and put on your vinyl suit for one hour, or just simply put the body suit on without a wrap to heat activate the “Belly Jelly.” The heat created from the suit will keep the pores open and help emulsify the fat under the skin.

Feet, Toes and Legs – Starting at the bottom of your right foot, brush across the foot, back and forth 7 times. Brush across the tops and bottom of the feet and toes. Brush around the ankles in a circular motion 5 or 6 times. Brush from the ankle to the knee in a circular motion working upward towards the heart. Do not neglect the knee area. Brushing will firm up sagging kneecaps and free congested circulation in the back of the knee.

Hip Area – Start at the top of the knee, going up to the hip in a circular motion, always brushing towards the heart. Work around the leg so that every inch of skin is brushed. Concentrate on the cellulite areas, brushing those areas twice as much.

Front and Sides of the Body – Hold the brush in one hand, brush the same side up and down 14 times from the upper thigh all the way to under the arm. Hold your breast clear with the other hand. Brush back and forth across and around the waistline 14 times. Brush in a circular motion at the center of the waistline, 14 times to the left and 14 times to the right.

Stomach and Midriff – For the stomach area, brush in circular motions 14 times, then in a back and forth motion 10 times. Repeat this motion on the midriff area.

Bust – If you choose to, brush in a circular motion 7 times, very gently.

Back Area – Cradle the brush with two hands. Brush up and down, 14 times along the spine, starting at the coccyx (tailbone) and reaching as high as you can. For your upper back, use the long handle to brush those hard to reach places. If available, get a friend to brush your back more thoroughly, in a circular motion, then up and down in long sweeping motions.

Neck Area – To relieve tension and pressure in this area, cradle the brush in both hands, and then place behind your head at the base of the neck and spine. Brush back and forth in a rocking motion.

For the Face – Use a softer brush of the cosmetic variety, since the blood vessels are nearer to the surface of the skin and can be broken if brushed too hard. Begin in the center of your face and stroke outwards, then up the sides of the face and neck.

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