The Before & After Weight Loss™ program can help you rev up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace.  Food is fuel for your body, much like logs for a fire.  If you build a fire and keep stoking it by adding a log every now and then, you can keep it burning forever, right?  But, as soon as you quit adding logs to the fire, it will burn down to embers, and then what happens when you add a log?  It just sits there - no fire to burn the log.  The same thing happens in your body when you eat.  If you eat breakfast and skip lunch, then by about 2 - 2:30 or so your metabolic fire has burned down to embers and there is no fuel to burn your food.  But, in our case, unfortunately the food just doesn't sit there like a log - our body decides to store it as fat to use later.

Any doctor would tell you that it is dangerous to lose more than a pound per week ON YOUR OWN, but there are 2 things that make rapid weight loss safe and possible on our physician-approved  program at Before & After Weight Loss Clinic™:
  1. We have a medically trained staff.  They know what signs to watch for and how to keep you healthy.
  2. We have protein supplements to keep you healthy by protecting your muscle tissue. They also boost your metabolism by up to 20%.
It takes a lot of protein to burn a pound of fat.  In a rapid weight loss program, you would normally lose muscle tissue as your body uses protein to burn the fat. We add protein snacks to your diet, which your body uses that and saves your protein in your muscles and thus, protects your heart.
You can check out our products page where you can see that we have over 30 flavors of protein snacks from which to choose.  They are all made with whey protein and are naturally flavored. Your protein choices include fruit drinks, hot chocolate, soups, cappuccinos, gelatins and puddings. They boost your metabolism and burn fat.

There is a wide variety, so you get to choose flavors you like. You need 2 to 5 snacks a day to replace other high carb, high fat, high calorie foods from the grocery store.  You will get a menu with real food with meals 3 times per day. You will simply incorporate these protein snacks into your meal plan.   You can even use them in dishes you make.  We can show you how to make just about everything with them except donuts!  You can make ice cream, pizza, lasagna, even diet cheesecake!

As part of our diet program, we do what we call GENTLE counseling - we never fuss at you if you eat off the program.  One of the things the lady that founded the program hated at all of the OTHER weight loss programs she tried was how they reprimanded her if she cheated.  Our counselors will not do that here.  Instead of talking about WHAT you ate, we talk about WHY you ate it.

There can only be 4 reasons:  1) Emotional Eating     2) Chemical Cravings     3) Habitual Eating    4)Addictions

We will help you pinpoint which one it is, then, you can stop the sabotage and get off the weight loss merry-go-round.

THE 6 POINT GUARANTEE: 98% of our clients lose their weight in the time allotted if they follow these guidelines.

1.     Visit the clinic at least twice a week.

2.     Attend six Life Skills classes during the program.

3.     Register positive on Keto Sticks.

4.     Bring a completed Food Report to every visit.

5.     Use a multi-vitamin and protein supplements as required.

6.     Do an exercise program on a regular basis as recommended by the company.  

        Either bike, walk or swim for 20 minutes three times a week.





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