Why Am I Not
Losing On My Own?

How often would you say you eat the "wrong" things?

Do you feel that you have experienced a slow down in your metabolism?

Do you feel that you eat most of the same things you ate when you were younger but you still seem to be gaining weight?

If you don't eat too much during the day, do you get ravenous at night and feel like you can not put the food in your mouth fast enough?

 We Can Help!



Belly Buster Parties™  is the new in-home party plan version of Before and After Weight Loss Clinics™.  This is the "diet doctors rave about!"  If you live more than 30 miles from a clinic and would like to own your own "weight loss clinic on wheels" working from home, please   CLICK HERE>>

Before & After Weight Loss™  is the #1 weight loss clinic on the Treasure Coast and has several different programs, all designed for safe and permanent weight loss.  Our weight loss program is a low fat, low carbohydrate food plan that was developed in 2000 by a food chemist and a dietician working together. The menus give you lots of choices with food combinations that will jump start your metabolism.

The biochemistry of the diet turns your body into a "fat furnace", enabling you to burn fat faster than you ever thought possible.  Your friends will be amazed as you shrink before their eyes!

You will use real food from the grocery store, or you can eat out in restaurants--you just need to learn our method. We also have a wide selection of herbs and vitamins and nutritional supplements. Are you aware that if you have ravenous cravings for food it could be indicative of a blood sugar imbalance?  Our professional staff consists of weight loss counselors from various backgrounds to assist in your journey to the new you.

Protein supplements are available to both minimize the loss of muscle tissue while losing rapidly and to help to rev up your metabolism.   Our protein rich drinks include fruit juices, hot chocolates, soups, puddings and gelatin.  These low carb, low fat fruit snacks take the place of high caloric, high fat, high carb snacks from the grocery store to help you stay satisfied while dieting.

Our local clients also have the opportunity to attend life skill classes, cooking classes, and weight maintenance classes.  

Please click on the following link to our new web site developed to serve you better and Thank You for visiting Before & After Weight  Loss....http://www.bestdietsource.com

Fill out your Health Profile today for a Free Metabolic Assessment & receive $100 off your program when you enroll!  




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